The right pattern for your apparell

We create a blueprint from your vision so you get the perfect garment. We create a  pattern that matches the required specifications to sew your garment.

What Is Included


Pattern making is the beginning of the garment development process. The pattern can be developed from a sketch, garment, or sloper pattern in a base size (one-size). Once the base size pattern is made it can then be sewn and checked for fit & aesthetics. Technical Specs are also available and recommended to create with each pattern for development & production details to follow. Technical Specs can be requested as a whole packet or per page as needed. Typical Spec pages for the Pattern Making stage would consist of the following; Header-Sketch, Cutters Must, Prototype POM.


After sewing up your prototype/first pattern you will want to see how it looks and fits on your base size model . Any updates and adjustments will be made to garment then transferred back to your pattern peices. These changes or updates help improve fit or change style lines to meet your specified design asecestics. This is called a pattern revision stage

Why Choose Us

  • Experts in the field
  • Face to face meetings and communication with your manufacture
  • Same language and culture — less possibility for misunderstanding
  • Manufacturer can be verified by visiting factory
  • 99% client satisfaction