12 Dec

Stormy Poodle

  • By Ernesto Prosperi

The collaboration with Stormie Poodle means a lot to us. We help the company to produce and develop some of their ideas. We love this collaboration since the people behind this company and the brand values follow our own. About Stormie Poodle They are up cycling innovators! They help…

28 Nov

MANÉR Hemp Collection

  • By Dressed Taylor

Hemp is a undervalued fabric. It is both sustainable and beautiful. You can use hemp for many things textile, industrial, medicine and food industry. That is also why Manér which is a brand that we produce wants to contribute to this with a few garments that can change…

15 Nov


  • By Dressed Taylor

With our own Brand MANÉR We created a brand that follows our own values which are transparency, local production and sustainability. Immediate face to face communication, reliability in experienced craftsmanship make us feel proud of what we do. We pay utmost care in hand-selecting premium fabrics from weavers…