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Design, Planning & Production

We can together work from idea to finished product. Clients can come to us with either fully developed designs or start the entire process together.



Sustainability has become a must-have in the Age of Experience. A company’s contribution to the environment directly impacts its value in the market.


Invest & Profit

Producing in our Manufacture in Sweden gives you the right values for your brand and you contribute to a sustainable future with local production.

About Us


Malmö Industries is a specialized Swedish clothing manufacturing company, we are focused on helping all customers in the development and production of their textile collection. We are the right partner for your fashion line or industrial textile development. You will be working with the best Swedish manufacturers in order to create the best product for you.

After receiving the sketches and ideas, our team starts the development and production of your exact requirements. Because we believe in working close with every client, you can rest assured that your production will be exactly as specified!




Pattern Making

Our professionals help you with your pattern making. From sketch or picture to a finished pattern.  We have skilled people which still work as in the old days with handmade paper patterns technique. They have the ability, sensitivity for your design interpretation and a practical understanding of garment construction.


Pattern Grading

We manually make your base patterns or sample size patterns into additional sizes using a size specification sheet or grading increments.


Garment & Industrial Production

We handle your with:  laying, marking, cutting, stitching, checking, finishing, pressing and finally packaging


Design Consultancy

We provide fashion design services for menswear, womenswear & sportswear. The inspiration for each range comes from an mix of sources; a sharp piece of tailoring from the here and now or a place in time. Our philosophy is always about innovation – but most importantly, always be above the client’s expectations.


Fabric Sourcing Consultancy

We can source fabrics for you from around the world, however we try to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, so we prefer to source fabrics and trims as close to home as possible. Therefore most of our fabrics are sourced from Europe. We can source fabrics in different colors and weights.


Product Development Consultancy

We can help you at any stage that you are at. For start up brands, we can provide one to one consultations to help you through out the whole process, guiding you and advising you. This will allow you to minimise the mistakes you make along the way and become more familiar with the clothing manufacturing process.

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10 K

Garments Made

30 K

Industrial Production

26 Years


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    • Client Image

      “When looking for manufacturers for its Findor All-weather Jacket, A NEW SWEDEN commissioned prototypes from different partners all around Sweden.
      One thing was clear—the care, attention to detail, and more importantly the way that Malmö Industries elevated the vision was parallel to none.”
      • Anthony and Lisa from A New Sweden
      • Founders
    • Client Image

      “ It is great to work with likeminded people that think about environment and people as e do. Cooperating with a company that has the likewise core values as ours is a matchmake in heaven.“
      • Anders Sörensson We Act SE
      • Manager
    • Client Image

      “We really love to collaborate with MI.

      We share the same beliefs when it comes to manufacturing: it should be fair. We also really appreciate the high speed and quality with which our products are delivered - it means that we never have to disappoint our customers. "
      • Caroline Von Post Stormie Poodle
      • Founder
    • Client Image

      "At the beginning we did not believe i t possible to produce in Sweden but with the cooperation of Malmö Industries we found new ways to be a sustainable company."

      • Jon Anderson Lets go
      • CEO